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What we do?

Testbee is an innovative “Learn Thru Questions” platform for Plus-2 level created by Eye Magnett and is a unique platform where we are training students through a set of questions and solutions of different boards & competitive exams for engineering and medicine streams.

The emphasis is to ensure students attempt questions which will indicate where they stand with respect to a particular topic and thereafter our analytics will help them focus on learning what they don’t know, sharpen what they know and improving speed and accuracy in a real exam situation.

Testbee also allows the students to create and store notes or cuecards which will help them in efficient revision. We also ensure all tough questions along with solutions are also at a student’s fingertips just few days before the actual exam.

This is a critical phase when time becomes precious and what you do in the last few days or hours also determines how you finally perform at the exam. Testbee also provides tips for mental conditioning for acing one’s questions which is not the same as pure learning or practice but a customized approach one needs to evolve to obtain a top rank.

Hope you will find the site truly beneficial. If you solve the papers, we can assure a boost of marks or rank from your current levels. How much is that boost can only be determined by your dedication. So, from all of us at Testbee … wish you all the very best...

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